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Urban Wildlife Management has repaired several thousand homes in various places. We have a dedicated team and offer our customers extremely high levels of customer service. We care about your property and family. We not only remove the critters but also offer the entire solution to your problem. We repair the damage that the animals have caused and we identify and seal off all of the entry points into the house so that it is permanently critter-proofed. If necessary, we clean up animal waste that is left behind in order to protect your home against fungus or zoonotic diseases. We focus on protecting your home. We deal strictly with vertebrates such as mammals and squirrels & rats. We don’t deal with cockroach, termites, bee hives and other insects.

We specialize in resolving conflicts between people and wild animals in and around their homes. 

The most common types of scenarios we deal with:

  1. Roof damage holes chewed.
  2. Soffit over hang hole damage.
  3. Insulation structure damaged. R- Rating damaged.
  4. Drywall stains from Raccoon feces & urine or Bat (feces) guano or urine.
  5. Ceiling rafter and Roof rafter damage from stains and chewing
  6. Wires chewed and scratched.
  7. Chimney Flue damage from Raccoons climbing in and out and nesting on fireplace smoke shelf.
  8. Digging under the Cement porch and foundation collapse or settlement
  9. Wildlife emergencies