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Animal Damage – What’s Covered?

Insurance claims can take a lot of time out of your life. A public adjuster deals with the insurance company directly.  Fees are paid from Insurance proceeds and there is no out-of-pocket expenses to the property owner. Do you know how much damage is done to your property and what it is worth? A public adjuster will protect you from getting underpaid or wrongfully denied for your damage claim on your house. Urban Wildlife Management is not only a certified animal trapping company but also a licensed public adjuster working for you to get rid of the nuisance animal, repair your house and get your insurance claim settled.

What is Property Insurance

Coverage for a property risk including direct and indirect losses examples include dwelling, insurance, homeowners, commercial property, inland marine, and ocean marine.

Indemnification – the process making one financially whole, by paying no more or no less than actual financial loss. This is generally the goal of a claimant and most policies are written to achieve this purpose. However insurance adjusters that are not experienced will not pay proper. Christopher A. Aumiller will look after your interests and be your advocate in the insurance claim process.

What will my Insurance Cover?

If you have a mortgage on your property, the state mortgage laws and rules require you to have a H03 policy which covers EVERYTHING unless excluded. H03 insurance policies will cover temporary repairs with documentation. It is important to take pictures to prove your loss damages. Raccoons & Bats are mammals and are not excluded on most insurance policies. Common Exclusions: Personal pet dogs and cats damage is excluded.

Will my insurance company adjuster or an independent adjuster pay the correct amount of money for my damages?


  1. NO likely an independent adjuster or insurance company adjuster will not pay the correct amount of money to pay contractors. They will also depreciate your claim settlement.
  2. A Public Adjuster can and will negotiate on your behalf to reduce the depreciation and increase your loss settlement amount. Public Adjusters work for you and not the insurance company! In most cases a PA – Public Adjuster will increase your settlement by up to 60%.
Should I call my insurance company on my own?

NO, You should NOT CALL your insurance company on your own as you may make statements that will exclude your coverages. Christopher A. Aumiller, a license public insurance adjuster, can call your insurance company. To start the claims process, a public adjuster can do any type of sworn statement or proof of loss on your behalf.

Do I have to use the restoration contractor recommended by the public insurance adjuster?

No, Illinois State law requires public insurance adjuster’s to disclose any type of relationship with the restoration contractor. It is your choice. You may select your own contractor.

Do I have to sign a contract to use a public insurance adjuster?

Yes, by Illinois Law, a licensed public insurance adjuster must have a public insurance adjuster contract reviewed and approved by the Illinois Department of insurance with proper identification numbers on it.

As per state law before any public insurance adjuster negotiates on your behalf, he or she must have the proper public adjuster contract signed and dated with the time and date of loss and time and date of acceptance.

One of the named party(s) insured on the Declarations page of the policy must sign the contract.

Every situation following a disaster is unique and Christopher A Aumiller Public Adjuster operates with such in mind. To help you REBUILD and RECOVER, we instituted a two-phase process:

Phase One:

Verify damages, review policy and declaration pages, get signed authorization contract and review estimated cost of damages. The next step is to then meet with the homeowner on site to do an inspection for the scope of loss.

Phase Two:

Christopher A. Aumiller oversees the management of the “Settlement Procedure” which involves meeting the Insurance Company Adjuster to scope loss and the preparation, negotiation and settlement of all claims covered under the insurance policy. Before concluding any settlement, Christopher A. Aumiller reviews the policy

to confirm that all claims have been maximized. There are numerous clauses within a policy which can increase the recoverable amount.


Our fee is paid for by the insurance proceeds and there is no out-of-pocket expense to the property owner.

There are three types of Adjusters! Only One type works for the property owner, Illinois property insurance policies obligate the insured to present a claim to his or her insurance for consideration. There are three types of pro adjusters that could be involved in that process.
The definitions of the types are as follows:


mean the insurance adjusters who are employees of an insurance company. They represent the interest of the insurance company and are paid by the insurance company. They will not charge you a fee.


mean the insurance adjusters who are hired on a contract basis by an insurance company to represent the insurance company’s interest in settlement of the claim. They are paid by your insurance company. They will not charge you a fee.


Public Adjusters, such as Christopher A Aumiller will assist in the preparation, presentation and settlement of the claim. The insured hires by signing a contract agreeing to pay us a fee or commission based on a percentage of the settlement or other method of compensation. They are obligated to you the property owner only, NOT the insurance company.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”



Public Insurance Adjusters Know The Insurance Process Inside And Out
We minimize the problems and frustration that come with preparing, documenting, negotiating
and finalizing insurance claims. I will file all your pertinent paperwork with the insurance
company, arrange for the inspections of your damaged property and then negotiate the
maximum settlement rightfully due to you. If we feel that the insurance company has failed to
respond appropriately and pay the correct value of the loss, we advise you of your rights and
stay with you until the end. This normally means a demand for appraisal where we and the
insurance company agree to an umpire to resolve the situation. This benefits you and keeps the
matter from being tied up in court for years. If you decide to have our company assist you,
we don’t get paid until you do.

Residential Animal Damage

Urban Wildlife Management has repaired several thousand homes in various places. We have a dedicated team and offer our customers extremely high levels of customer service. We care about your property and family. We not only remove the critters but also offer the entire solution to your problem. We repair the damage that the animals have caused and we identify and seal off all of the entry points into the house so that it is permanently critter-proofed. If necessary, we clean up animal waste that is left behind in order to protect your home against fungus or zoonotic diseases. We focus on protecting your home. We deal strictly with vertebrates such as mammals and squirrels & rats. We don’t deal with cockroach, termites, bee hives and other insects.

We specialize in resolving conflicts between people and wild animals in and around their homes. 

The most common types of scenarios we deal with:

  1. Roof damage holes chewed.
  2. Soffit over hang hole damage.
  3. Insulation structure damaged. R- Rating damaged.
  4. Drywall stains from Raccoon feces & urine or Bat (feces) guano or urine.
  5. Ceiling rafter and Roof rafter damage from stains and chewing
  6. Wires chewed and scratched.
  7. Chimney Flue damage from Raccoons climbing in and out and nesting on fireplace smoke shelf.
  8. Digging under the Cement porch and foundation collapse or settlement
  9. Wildlife emergencies


Commercials services includes animal control work of vertebrates such as the removal of squirrels, birds, bats etc. in places such as below:

  1. Apartment Complexes & Condominiums
  2. Commercial Office Buildings
  3. Hotels and Shopping Malls
  4. Retail Stores and Doctors’ Offices
  5. Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  • In Full Compliance With Workers Comp Laws
  • Professional Grade Equipment & Service
  • References Available Upon Request

If you have a wildlife problem in your building – be it an infestation of rats in the ceiling or a colony of bats – give us a call with confidence.  

License #
Christopher Albert Aumiller
“IL Licensed Public Adjuster” #017680298