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Moles are a small mammals that are most well-known for living in tunnels underground. Moles are commonly found in Europe, Asia, South Africa and North America. They dig through the soil with their powerful claws and people often object to the surface tunnels that they create including the numerous feeding tunnels that they dig while searching out earthworms, grubs, and other insects.

Property Damage from Moles

Most of the damage that moles do is to your yard. They burrow in lawns and gardens, creating unsightly and potentially dangerous molehills and tunnels. Although moles are mostly carnivorous, they can also harm plants and flowers in your yard. To find worms and grubs, they scrape dirt away from plants’ roots, which take nourishment away from plants and can cause them to die.

Home Damage from Moles

Moles typically stay in the yard and don’t find their way into the home, but it’s certainly not impossible. If your house has a poor foundation, you may encounter a mole in your home. Although direct contact with humans is rare, moles are known to carry rabies. Your pets may also be at risk if moles are in your yard if they try to catch one or are caught off-guard while digging. Moles will usually try to get away from humans, but if one doesn’t it may be sick so don’t touch it.

What Attracts Moles to Your Home

If you have a shallow foundation on your house, this could draw moles from the yard into the house. You’ll likely hear scratching under the floor from moles that are working their way through tunnels. Moles eat a significant percentage of their body weight in insects every day, so your yard may be more attractive to moles if you have lots of insects. Moles particularly like worms, beetle larvae, and grubs.