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These marsupials have 52 teeth,and love to eat from garbage cans, and are usually calm and slow. However, several aspects of their behavior bring them into conflict with people. First of all, as hunters, they frequently get into a home owner’s pet food and garbage, when a car garage is left open at night. 

Living under frown cement porches, can cause a pungent odor. Usually these creatures will  fall into basement window wells and become trapped, and dig at the foundation drain pipe seeking escape.

Opossum Behavior

  • Activity: Opossums are nocturnal – active mainly after dark. …
  • Reproduction: Between the months of January and October, opossums breed and give birth to up to two litters of 4-8 young –
  • Defense: When threatened, an opossum will hiss and show its teeth to try to ward off a predator.

Prevention screen exclusion suggested for cement steps and porches.

Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) is a devastating disease that can leave horses severely disabled and may result in death. 

If there is feed, grass, or water that has been contaminated with the opossum’s feces, the horses will ingest the sporocysts. Once the sporocysts are transferred to the horse, they can cause neurological damage, including lesions on the spinal cord and brain stem

For more information on Opossums go to the IL Dept of Natural Resources – CLICK HERE.